Monday, March 19, 2012

Sacred Images of Childhood

Dear Readers,

      I received several emails as regards the image of the Guardian Angel I posted in my last blog, how their grandmother or mother hung it beside that of the Virgen de Guadalupe. I'm also hearing that during this time of darkness, whether from losing a job or sickness or feeling persecuted by the current misguided anti-Latino nonsense that's passing as journalism, many are finding hope in these images, images they experienced as sacred growing up.

     Growing up, I was taught that happiness and pleasure are two different experiences: where happiness is a spiritual joy, one rooted in living life supernaturally; pleasure is about deriving entertainment from things such as gadgets and status and money, which is flitting.

     This gets me to some of the anti-Latino nonsense being tossed out today as news: about how Latinos are in some way responsible for many, if not all the ills facing this country. To that I say: THAT IS NONSENSE. My personal experience is that America needs Latinos, for they, at least many of them, still live life in a spiritual way, one founded on justice and charity and the belief that we are all God's kids, one sacred family, with the same mother, the one below, who, by the way, appeared in Mexico. (I was happy to read that Vice President Biden went to pay her a visit recently.)

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Take Care & Buen Camino,


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