Saturday, March 17, 2012

Angels in McAllen, Texas

Dear Readers,
I want to respond to this question:
QUESTION: "What do you find especially unique about the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, where you grew up, and where your books (El Gusano de Tequila, The Tequila Worm, and Orange Candy Slices and Other Secret Tales) are set?
ANSWER: The supernatural: how many people I know live life in a supernatural way.
      What do I mean by this? The other day, on a recent visit to McAllen to visit my 82 year-old mother, I was at a store on Nolana Avenue selecting flowers. My mother wanted to go leave flowers at the cemetery for my late dad, her parents, and her sister. A woman dressed all in yellow was there too. We started talking, and somewhere in the middle of our conversation, she said,"The other day I walked into the beauty shop where I went to get my hair done, and this woman getting her hair cut turned her head towards me, her eyes getting bigger and bigger, her mouth opening more and more. Finally, she said, Wow! You have the biggest angel I've ever seen walking beside you! Everyone turned to look at me, smiling, beaming. The place lit up like a birthday cake!" I smiled, thinking, A typical day in McAllen, at least the McAllen I love and cherish.
     Growing up, I was raised to believe that everyone had a Guardian Angel. I'm now writing a story about this, how such an angel is what is causing the unexplained in the life of an individual, who from all other accounts, should be filled with despair.
     If you believe in angels, or have heard of stories of them appearing or working in El Valle, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at Or you can write a comment on this blog.
     By the way, here's the image of the Guardian Angel I grew up with:
Take Care & Buen camino,

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